A Week In My Life #9

For this week, to start off I listened to Monday’s radio show and live-tweeted during it. I got to listen to our radio show and Un-University’s radio show. I wrote […]

Final Project Brainstorm

Here are a couple brainstormed ideas for story concepts related to our theme. I think any audience would enjoy these things. I have been trying to think of more but […]

Even More Satisfying Sounds

The next assignment I chose to revise/improve on was my satisfying sounds audio assignment bank. I don’t think the original assignment turned out bad, but I put way more effort […]

Daily Creates #8 + Story!

My first daily create I did was on Tuesday and it was to draw a picture of your favorite animal holding a magical item floating through space on a piece […]

The Radio Shows Sounded Amazing!!

I tuned into Monday’s DS106 radio show from 8:30-9:30 and live-tweeted during it. The first radio show that played was the one our group created which was exciting!! I listened […]

A Week In My Life #8

This week was a pretty busy week for me. I met and worked with my group for our radio show, which we completed. It was about childhood stories that had […]

Daily Creates #7

This week, I did 2 daily creates. The first one I did was on Thursday, and it was to Use PhotoFunia’s “On the Moon” tool. I added a picture of […]

A Week In My Life #7

This week was pretty difficult. We had to create groups for our radio show and meet with our group to figure out a plan of action. I did a blog […]

Interview the Hosts!

For the next audio assignment bank, we did a collaborative one called Interviewing The Talent. We each asked 5 different questions and answered 5 questions. We each recorded ourselves asking […]

Daily Creates #6

This week, I did 3 daily creates. The first one I did was on Monday, and it was to do a twitter length story describing how this car got here […]

A Week In My Life #6

This week was all about design. I did 4 design assignment banks to start off. The first one I did was Event Poster. I created a poster for a made […]

Design Readings

I read The Vignelli Canon by Massimo Vignelli and Brain Pickings article about Kidd and his book by Chip Kidd and I got to learn a lot about design from […]


For my DesignBlitz, I chose to do the 4 concepts of color, proportion, balance and typography. For the first one, proportion, I took a picture of my teammate at the […]

Daily Creates #5

My first daily create was on Monday, and it was to create an iceberg here and see how it would float. I drew a pineapple and it ended up floating […]

You’re Invited to My Wedding

My last assignment bank was Wedding Invitation and I had to create a wedding invitation for my “wedding.” I used Canva to create my wedding invitation and I thought it […]