It was the big debut of the Atlanta Zoo opening up. Everything was organized perfectly, the zookeepers were ready, and the animals were excited. There were hundreds of people in the zoo ready to see the animals. But sadly, it was a harsh fail. The monkeys somehow escaped by using their hands to open the cages, and let all of the animals out of their cages and specific zones. Oh my gosh it was a bloody disaster. The monkeys had organized this plan for weeks. All of the animals began chewing and chopping up the visitors and zookeepers. They were taking over the zoo. The animals that weren’t doing that either escaped the zoo or were just watching. No one could believe what had just happened. It was one of the biggest disasters of all time, and because of this, all zoos vanished and became extinct.

For this writing assignment bank, I chose Short Story With Random Words And Animal(S), which had a value of 3 stars. I went to Random Word Generator and had it create 10 random words for me. Below is a screenshot of the website with the words generated. I then had to create a short story that included those 10 words and an animal to go along with the story. I began looking at my words and the zoo came into my mind. There were a lot of “bad” or “sad” words in my list, so I thought of a zoo nightmare/disaster. I know the story is a little dark, but with my words, I felt as though it could not be a happy story. I also bolded the words I had to use so you could get a better picture.

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