To begin, I read I link, therefore I am, which looks at/talks about hypertext fiction over the years. I also watched the 2 videos, Vonnegut on The Shape of Stories and The Machine is Us/ing Us. Vonnegut on The Shape of Stories was about how stories can have highs and lows and shows examples of that. The Machine is Us/ing Us talks about the digital platform and hyperlinks/texts and how it has evolved so much. I then had to choose a a story that is important to me and revisit it with an analytical eye. The story I chose is a short film on Youtube called PSA- A letter to my suicidal best friend. TW: SUICIDE. It is about this girl and her friend, who was suicidal, and how she shouldn’t commit suicide because there is so much to live for in this world and she doesn’t know what she would do without her. This relates to Vonnegut on The Shape of Stories. The graph of the shape of this story would be low in the beginning, because her friend tried committing suicide, then goes up, because she is telling her how much she loves her and how amazing life is. I included a picture below to get a better idea of what I am saying.

She shows all the memories and smiles on the friend’s face. This story relates to numerous other stories because it is a sad beginning, but in the end, it becomes happy and makes you smile. My favorite part about this story is that it had a happy ending. This story hits close to home for me because while I have not lost friends to suicide, I have lost multiple friends to drug addiction, or almost lost others. Both have to do with mental illness and being depressed and trying to find a way out of reality. Even though I lost my best friends to drug addiction, this girl still has her best friend, which makes me happy. I also liked the story because all of the videos in the story were precious memories they had together, and it reminded me of all the memories I have of my friends and I will never forget that. I think the whole story worked and there was nothing wrong with it. It held my attention because I can somewhat relate to it, and you want to see how the ending goes. You want to see if the best friend is going to be okay.

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