For my first visual assignment bank, I chose You In Collage Form, which had 2 stars. I had to create a collage with images and words that describe me or mean something to me. Below is my self collage. I tried to make my collage aesthetically pleasing and pretty, so it didn’t look messy. Some of the words that describe me or mean something to me were strong, beautiful, love, summer, fun, happy, fabulous, family and hippie. Some of the images I chose were plants, because I love plants and have many. I love the summer because it’s warm and sunshine just makes you feel better. I also chose butterflies and flowers because I think they are beautiful. I added a music note because I love music. I also added a tennis racket because tennis is a big part of my life and I play on the varsity tennis team at UMW. Lastly, I added a silhouette of a family (mother, father, and daughter) because that is what my family consists of and I love my family. I had a lot of fun making this collage and it reminded me of who I am and what I love.

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