For my last visual assignment bank, I chose Poetry Art, which has a value of 3.5 stars. I had to use one of my favorite poems and create a poster to go with it. I used a poem from Atticus Poetry because I think it is a beautiful poem and it makes me happy. I used Canva to create my poster. I first added the poem, and then thought of what I could incorporate into the poster. It talked about rolling hills, so I added hills with the wind, sun and birds to represent the world, I added a silhouette of a woman and an eye too because they are brought up in the poem. Lastly, I added a sky background just to tie into the world/life element. Overall, I tried to be creative with this and have fun and I think it turned out well! It just makes you sit back and think about how beautiful the world is and how sometimes we forget to appreciate it.

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