So far, we have made pretty good progress with our group for the radio show. We met on Tuesday and we are going to meet again either Friday or Saturday. We created a plan for what needs to be done by the next time we meet. I have done my radio bumper and poster, which I created on Audacity and Canva. I also did a commercial for one of the audio assignments to add into our radio show using Audacity which is about a plant nursery I created. We also did another audio assignment where our group are hosts and we answer and ask questions to each other.

So we each created 5 different questions and recorded ourselves asking the questions, and then picked 5 to answer and recorded that too. We combined them all together. We were thinking about putting that halfway into our radio show. We are doing our radio show on childhood stories with sound effects, and so far I have recorded and edited all three of my stories, which total in a little over 6 minutes. I used Audacity and FreeSound to help me, and also recorded my voice on the voice memo app. So far, I think it sounds pretty good and I am making really good progress. We also created a shared Google Drive and Google Docs to upload our audio and questions.

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