For this assignment, I read Telling Stories in Photos and tried to find examples of the different points and analyze them in photos I have taken.

This picture I took goes along with Change My Perspective By Changing Yours and Get Pickier. I was in the Bahamas and it the sun was setting and I thought this was a beautiful picture to take. I tried to be select with the photo I wanted and I did think ahead of time, “wow this is going to be a good picture.” It also helped that I took the picture on the wooden board, which is something I normally would not do. I think it creates a different perspective and is a beautiful photo.

This next photo goes along with Create Depth and Put a Great Foreground in Front of a Great Background. I took this photo in Cape Cod and it is a picture of a lighthouse with the sun setting in the background. I tried to take the photo at an angle to show how big the lighthouse is, especially compared to the people next to it. Also, the foreground is the lighthouse in the photo and the background is the beautiful sunset with the ocean in the background.

I also took this picture in Cape Cod and it is a panorama. I thought this was such a pretty picture and I took it as a panorama because of the lighting, and I wanted to get a good full view of the swampy area. This goes with get Balanced and Use the Best Lens. I made this photo balanced because I placed the bridge in the center of the photo, and on both sides it is an even amount of swamp/grass. I also used the panorama element with the wide angle because I felt as though I could not capture the beauty in just a regular photo.

This last photo I took was at my house in Georgia and it is one of my favorite photos I have taken. I took it out of my blinds, but it is the sun setting and the sky looking beautiful, but the blinds in my opinion make the picture interesting and unique. This goes along with Better Contrast Makes Better Stories, Pay Attention to the Moment, and Look to the light. The lighting in this picture is amazing and so is the contrast. I tried to play with shadows and contrast with the photo. I was also paying attention to the moment because I looked outside and waited until the perfect time to take the picture when it was just right.

Overall, I had a lot of fun with this assignment. It was difficult for me because I usually don’t think about the elements of photography before I take the picture, but after doing this assignment, I will definitely incorporate these elements before I take my pictures now and I will be more aware.

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