For my next visual assignment bank, I chose Your Love For Your Pet (Or Any Other Animal That You Love), which had a value of 3 stars. I had to make a collage with photos of my pets to show how cute/funny they are. I have a LOT of photos of my 2 kitties, Bella and Bodie, so it was tough to choose only a couple photos to showcase. But here are some of my favorites. Bodie and Bella are not even 1 year old yet, and Bodie is the orange one and Bella is the tortie. They love snuggling with each other all the time. They are best buds. I brought the white fluffy blanket home from college and they are obsessed with it. Bodie is just chilling on the back of the backseat during road trips, and Bella loves getting in the Christmas tree. When they are not snuggling, they’re running around and playing with each other and their toys. My family and I have recently been through a lot of losses in the family, and it was the perfect time to get these 2 little critters to cheer us up. Since I am back at college, my mom always sends me pictures of them and I miss them lots. I used the app PicCollage to make the collage and added a cute background.

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