For my third assignment bank, I chose to do the web assignment section and I picked Google Draw Something. It has a 2.5 star value. For this assignment, I went to Google’s drawing game, Quick, Draw! and drew 6 items, which I had 20 seconds for each one, and Google tried to guess what I was drawing. I did not realize how difficult it would be to draw something with your computer in 20 seconds, but I Google ended up guessing all 6 of my drawings in time. I did not know Google had a drawing game and I think it is so interesting that Google was guessing what I was drawing. Down below, I added a screenshot of my 6 drawings. As you can see, they are not very good, but the neutral net still figured out what they were! I thought this assignment was extremely fun and I would definitely recommend! It was also cool because you can click on your drawings at the end and see how it figured it out, what else it thought the drawing looked like and other examples of people drawing the same thing.

I also posted my artwork to Twitter so others could see how I did!

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