The next assignment I chose to revise/improve on was my satisfying sounds audio assignment bank. I don’t think the original assignment turned out bad, but I put way more effort into that assignment when I didn’t even need to. In my original post, this is every step I did: First, I went on a couple different apps I have that have relaxing sounds I use to fall asleep sometimes (those are my favorite types of sounds). Then I screen recorded each of them and used the website Online Audio Converter to make the videos into sounds. I then used IMovie to put all of the sounds together. I went back to the online audio converter and got my compilation of sounds into an audio file. Lastly, I uploaded the audio file onto my Soundcloud.

A lot of steps when I could have just used Audacity, which at the time I had not played around with. I also just used Freesounds to find my satisfying sounds instead of downloading apps, screen recording, converting audio to mp3 etc. It was also so much easier using Audacity than IMovie. In Audacity, I tried to blend the audio clips better by using fade in and fade outs and overall I think it turned out much better and was definitely way easier using Freesound and Audacity. I also tried going with a theme for these satisfying sounds so it was outside/in the woods.

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