For my DesignBlitz, I chose to do the 4 concepts of color, proportion, balance and typography. For the first one, proportion, I took a picture of my teammate at the UMW tennis center after practice ended to show the size proportion of a person compared to the building size. I tried to show the scale of the 2 different sizes of a person and a building. I think it does establish visual weight and depth and I thought this photo was a good representation of proportion and it was effective. The next photo I took was of a brightly colored fan hanging up on my closet door. The white door background helps make the fan pop out and the colors are extremely vibrant and bright. There are many colors like pink, yellow purple and green and the colors really help you focus on the main part of the picture. The bold colors help the fan stick out and catch your attention, so I think this picture of color definitely was effective. The third concept I chose was typography, and I took a picture of a hard cider I was drinking and I chose this because of visual component of the many written words. I think the can is ascetically pleasing and the font and typography really adds to it. I like the font, there is different spacing, some words are bigger and bolded, theres kerning between different letters. I thought this was super effective. The last concept I did was balance. I took a picture of a cappuccino that I got from a local coffee shop. They even put a cute design in it that is even. The photo is balanced and symmetrical with even weight on both sides. I also posted my DesignBlitz on Instagram here:

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