My first daily create I did was on Tuesday and it was to draw a picture of your favorite animal holding a magical item floating through space on a piece of furniture. I drew a frog on a table holding a crystal ball in space and I thought it turned out pretty well! I used Colorscape to fill in my drawing. This tweet got a good amount of likes and 1 comment!

The next daily create I did was on Thursday, and it was if you were to meet an alien, what would you do? I chose my picture to be me taking a selfie with an alien and teaching them how to pose and do a duck face. I used PicCollage and Cut Paste Pro to help crop and edit all of the pictures and space background together.

The last daily create I did was on Friday and it was to practice some guerrilla kindness today, so I tweeted this GIF about how we need more kindness and peace in the world, instead of hate.

Once upon a time, there was a girl who always dreamed of going to outer space and exploring the universe. She thought about it all the time and knew one day she would get there. 20 years later, she became the first female astronaut. She also became the first woman on the moon!

She kept traveling around outer space, when she came across a magical toad with a crystal ball. The magical toad spoke to her and said she could wish for one thing. She wished to meet a real alien.

The magical toad said okay and rubbed the crystal ball and BOOM. An alien appeared. The girl was in awe and didn’t know what to say. The girl and the alien begin talking and the girl teaches the alien about technology and selfies. She teaches the alien how to pose for the camera and do duck face.

They are having a photoshoot in outer space and the girl never wants to leave. She finally says goodbye to the magical toad and alien and goes back to Earth. She tells everyone about her adventure and how incredible it was, but no one believed her.. but she cherishes that day forever.

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