This week, I did 3 daily creates. The first one I did was on Monday, and it was to do a twitter length story describing how this car got here or what happened afterward. I took the picture and cut and pasted the car a bunch in the photo using Cut Paste Pro, darkened the picture and added a disco ball. My story was about how the cars were throwing a party at night and every night, a new car would show up.

The next one I did was on Wednesday and it was to put a cat somewhere it should not be. I took a picture of my roommate’s cat and used Cut Paste Pro again to crop the cat into a picture of the ocean, because what cat belongs in the ocean?

The last daily create I did was on Thursday, and it was to show the most interesting or pretty part of your ceiling. I tried taking an artsy picture of my light, because the only other thing I have on my ceiling is my smoke detector.

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