The first daily create I did was on Tuesday, and it was saying if there was a competition to find the best bird, which bird would you choose and why? I chose the peacock because of how beautiful they are. Their bright colors and beautiful feathers are astonishing. They are just insane to look at!

The next daily create I did was on Wednesday and it was to show your preferred food and tell the story. My preferred/favorite food is lasagna. It tastes delicious and I love it homemade. My grandmother passed down her famous recipe to me that has been in our family for generations. Below is a picture of a small version my grandmother and I made last semester. Super tasty!!

The last daily create I did was on Thursday and it was to find a picture of a bridge and put an animal in the picture. I found a picture of the Fredericksburg bridge and cut and pasted a photo of a giraffe into the picture. I thought it was funny because you normally would not see a giraffe next to a bridge.

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