This week, we had to do 3 daily creates. The first one I did was on Saturday, and it was to create a card or note to get you out of daily create trouble. I created a card on Canva, and it says I cannot do the daily create for that day because I had to cuddle with my 2 kitties all day, and added 2 pictures of them snuggling together.

The next daily create I did was on Tuesday, and I had to create a Kaleidoscope style drawing using Kaleidoscope Painter and be creative with it. This one was also fun to do and very relaxing. I added colors I liked and I thought it turned out pretty well! I could spend all day on that website.

The last daily create I did was on Thursday, and it was to put yourself into a famous painting. I took a picture and put it into the Raphael’s Angels painting by Darko Topalski. The last time I did a cut and paste photo, I used the app  Cut Paste Photo Pro, but when I tried to go on it again, it said I had to pay for it. I could not find any other apps where it was free, so I improvised and used Snapchat. I cut out the photo of me and added it to the painting.

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