1. Run a marathon
  2. Travel the world (different countries/travel all 50 states)
  3. Learn self defense
  4. Buy a house
  5. Create a small business
  6. Make a cookbook with all of my favorite recipes
  1. Running a marathon is on my bucket list because I think it is a huge accomplishment. I like to stay active, and my mom and aunts have all run marathons together, so I think I would be really proud of myself if I ran any type of marathon. 
  2. Traveling the world is probably on a lot of people’s bucket lists, but even traveling all around the US would be so fun. I have already been to 23 states, which is almost half of them. And I have also been to the Bahamas and all over Italy, but I would really love to go to Australia, England, Greece and Mexico.
  3. This is a big one on my bucket list because I think everyone should know self defense. I know myself and countless of my friends who have been harassed and it would always come in handy to learn self defense.
  4. Buying a house is also probably on a lot of people’s bucket lists too, but I think that is a huge accomplishment that I would love to achieve one day.
  5. I have always been into creating or selling things on the internet and making a business out of it. I have multiple apps where I sell my clothes and items that I do not want/use anymore, and I have done pretty well for myself with that. I also love DIYs and creating things like macrame, signs, home decor etc. I would love to make a small business on Etsy or something like that because it does really interest me and also the business side of things is really neat. 
  6. I have always been a picky eater, ever since I was younger, but slowly as I get older, I am open to trying and eating more foods. I like cooking and finding out new recipes, so making a cookbook for myself with my favorite recipes would be really fun and help me be more organized.

For this writing assignment bank, I chose That Bucket List Though, which has a value of 2 stars. I had to create a bucket list of at least 5 things and explain why they are on my list. I thought this assignment was really fun because I have never created a bucket list before. I also tried to incorporate some that are not on a typical bucket list.

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