For this week, to start off I listened to Monday’s radio show and live-tweeted during it. I got to listen to our radio show and Un-University’s radio show. I wrote a blog post about it.

I also did 3 daily creates this week and tied them together to create a story. The first one I did I drew a picture of a frog on a table with a crystal ball, the second one I edited a picture of me taking a selfie with an alien, and the third one I did was find a GIF to practice some guerrilla kindness.

I also revised/improved on 2 of my old assignments. The first one I did I improved on my wedding invitation. I used Canva and I thought I did so much better on this one and it looks more professional. I then redid my satisfying sounds assignment using Audacity and make it much smoother/cleaner by using transitions, fade ins and fade outs.

I brainstormed final project ideas too and put them in a blog post. Here are the three ideas I liked.

I did posts of the week and voted for my 3 favorite blog posts of the week. I voted based on descriptive details, creative titles and an overall good blog post. And I commented on people’s Twitters and replied and liked tweets.

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