This week was pretty difficult. We had to create groups for our radio show and meet with our group to figure out a plan of action. I did a blog post about our radio show progress and how that is coming along.

I also did the radio show design project and wrote a blog post about that which was creating a radio bumper and poster for our radio show.

I completed 2 audio assignment banks. The first one was a commercial for our radio show and I did mine on a made up plant nursery downtown. The other one we did was a collaborative one and it was to interview us, the hosts, and we asked each other 5 different questions and answered 5 questions. I have not yet gotten a response for 2 of my questions, but when I do, I will put it in the blog post. We were thinking of adding this halfway into our radio show.

I also did 3 daily creates this week. For our radio show, we are doing childhood stories and adding sound effects into them, so I have already recorded and edited my 3 stories and uploaded them onto our shared Google Drive. I also commented and replied to people’s blog posts and Twitter accounts and had people responding to my daily creates!

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