This week was all about design. I did 4 design assignment banks to start off. The first one I did was Event Poster. I created a poster for a made up event and I chose to do a UMW talent show. I used Canva to create my poster and posted it on Twitter and Instagram. I had a lot of fun with this assignment.

The next one I did was Favorite Movie Quote and I had to take one of my favorite movie quotes and put it over an image from the movie. I chose the movie Stepbrothers and I thought the quote was really funny. I also used Canva for this one.

The third assignment I did was Missing Person and I had to create a missing person poster for a fictional character and be creative with it. I used Canva and I chose Spongebob Squarepants. I had fun with this one and I got to learn a lot about Spongebob.

The last design assignment bank I did was Wedding Invitation and I had to create a wedding invitation for my “wedding.” I also used Canva again to create my invitation and I thought it turned out alright. It definitely looks like I created it, and not by a professional.

I did 3 daily creates this week. The first one I did was on Monday and I had to create an iceberg and see how it floated. The next one I did was on Wednesday and I had to create an animated GIF and show what is through my window. I had a corgi with flowers and spring time because I cannot wait for warm weather and flowers. The last one I did was on Thursday and I had to turn myself into a chess piece. I chose the Queen because I believe it is the most powerful chess piece and who doesn’t want to be a queen?

I also did a DesignBlitz. I chose 4 out of the 10 concepts and I did color, typography, balance and proportion. I thought the photos I took were effective with the concepts I chose. This assignment was a little difficult, but overall I thought I did really well and had a lot of fun with it. I also posted my pictures on my Instagram.

I learned about from the 2 readings we had to read and I got to learn a lot about design and design elements. I wrote a blog post about it and shared my thoughts about what I learned and the readings.

Lastly, I did posts of the week and I chose 3 blog posts that I thought were really good. I tried to choose posts that went above and beyond the assignment and had a lot of descriptions and details so I could really understand what they did and the assignment. I commented and replied to other classmates’ tweets and tweeted at their posts and tweets too. I even had the University of Mary Washington respond to one of my tweets which was super cool!

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