This week was a pretty difficult week for me. I have never experimented with audio and editing audio, so it was kind of hard to get the hang of it, but I did learn a lot and figured out more than I knew before.

One assignment I did was where I had to tune in and listen to the DS106 radio from 8-9 and I did this on Monday. I participated in the live tweet-along and created a thread about what I was hearing and feeling while listening. It was really cool to do this because you got to see what other people were tweeting and feeling at the same time you were watching it. It was a great way to connect and communicate with other classmates!I tweeted at many classmates and liked their tweets, and I also had many people do the same to me. You can see my thread of tweets and my experience with it down below.

I then did 4 audio assignment banks. The first one I did was Rap Remix. I had to find a popular rap song and change the lyrics that related to a post-apocalyptic world. This was hard to do, because I am not a song writer or “rapper,” but I think mine turned out better than I expected.

Then I did A Collection Of Your Favorite Sounds. I did not experiment with Audacity at this time, but I know if I did use it, this assignment would have turned out better. I had to pick 5 of my favorite sounds, put them together and upload it on Soundcloud.

The third audio assignment bank I did was Create a Place and I had to create a place using just sounds. I finally downloaded and experimented with Audacity and it was rough at first. I did not know how to work it, so I watched Youtube videos and did some research online and got the hang of it. I created the beach and I thought it turned out really well!

The last one I did was Sound Effects Story and I had to tell a story using nothing but sound effects. I decided to do a day at the amusement park because I thought it would be fun, and there are tons of sounds there! I also used Audacity for this one and I love how it turned out.

I also had to create a radio bumper for one assignment. I had no idea how to create a radio bumper, so I went on Youtube for some inspiration. I then found some music/sound effects I liked, and created a little saying in between about the DS106 radio. I also used Audacity with this too. It took some time, but I really liked how it ended up!

I brainstormed ideas for a radio show that ties into our theme. The ones I liked were what is going on in celebrities’/influencers’ lives at that time, true crime, and trends and fads going on now. I love these ideas, but I am also open to other ideas!

For another assignment, I watched 2 videos with Jad Abumrad: How Radio Creates Empathy and Digital Shamanism and Old-Fashioned, Newfangled Storytelling Magic. I also listened to “Moon Graffiti” on Soundcloud. All of these were very interesting to watch/listen to because they show how important audio storytelling is and how it forms connections, creates a picture, and has a lot of descriptive detailing.

One of my last assignments I did was Daily Creates, and I had to do 3 of them this week. I did one about the best bird, one about my preferred food and lastly one with a bridge and an animal. I love doing these and I think they are super fun.

Lastly, I did the posts of the week assignment where I had to choose my top 3 posts for the best of ds106 this week. The ones I chose I liked because they were very descriptive and did a really good job with their assignment/blog post. I also commented and tweeted/replied to many of my classmates’ blogs/tweets to stay connected with them, form connections and just be able to talk and relate in this class, which is super fun.

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