This week was pretty good with assignments. I had a lot of fun and got to be very creative. First, I did 12 stars of visual assignment banks. I did a You In Collage Form (2 stars) with images and words that I would use to describe myself or that mean something to me. I loved how mine turned out!

The next one I did was Pop Star Out Of Place (3.5 stars) and I had to get a photo of a pop star and put them in a place you would not see them. I chose to do Beyoncé in Walmart because I thought it was super funny and I would never expect to see her there.

The third visual assignment I did was Your Love For Your Pet (3 stars). I made a collage of my 2 kitties to show how cute and funny they are. This made me miss them but they are adorable.

The last assignment I did was Poetry Art (3.5 stars). I had to use one of my favorite poems and create a poster to go along with it. This one was very fun and interesting!

I also did 3 daily creates this week. The first one I did was on Saturday and I had to to create a card or note to get myself out of daily create trouble. The next one I did was on Tuesday, and it was to create a Kaleidoscope style drawing using Kaleidoscope Painter and be creative with it. This one was super fun and relaxing. The last one I did was on Thursday and I had to put myself into a famous painting. I struggled with this one a little, but in the end it worked out!

I also did the 20 minute  Photoblitz. I had to take 7 pictures of tasks randomly generated in 20 minutes. This assignment was super fun and creative. It was interesting most things on the task list I could take pictures of in my room! I completed my 7 photos in 20 minutes Photoblitz in 18 minutes! Just in time.

The next assignment was Visuals of Storytelling. I talked about my experiences with photography and and using visual elements to create stories. I am not the best photographer, but I know I can always improve!

The last assignment I did was to read Becoming a Better Photographer and find examples of the different points and analyze them in photos I have taken. This assignment was a little tough for me because I have not really thought about the elements in taking a photograph, but now that I am more aware and have learned new things, I will definitely be using them in my photos from now on.

I also did a lot of commenting this week and looking at other people’s blog posts. I replied to numerous people on Twitter and responded to them replying to me. It is fun to be able to have those interactions with your classmates. This also went into the assignment Posts of the Week, where I had to fill out a survey of 3 postings from other classmates that stood out to me. I chose the ones that had a creative title, had a lot of details and descriptions (not just posting the photo) and were creative!

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