This week’s assignments were pretty good. I did 4 writing assignments from ds106’s writing assignment bank. Each assignment has a star value rating the difficulty of it, and we had to reach 12 stars. The first one was To My Mom. I had to write a letter to my mom saying what I have always wanted to say to her. This assignment had a 4 star value and it was pretty hard to do because I miss my mom and it helped remind me how much she means to me.

The next writing assignment I did was Your Hopes, Dreams, And Fears, which had a value of 3 stars. I had to write a letter to my future self and talk about what I hope to accomplish/expect in these next 10 years. I enjoyed writing it because it is a loose plan I hope to accomplish, but I will not be mad/upset if I do not accomplish everything I said.

The third writing assignment I did was Short Story With Random Words And Animal(S), which had a value of 3 stars. I had a lot of fun with this one. I had to go to Random Word Generator and make a short story with the 10 random words it gave me. I also had to incorporate an animal into my story. The story I wrote was pretty dark, but I couldn’t really make it a happy story with the words I was given. With the words I got, I thought I did pretty good.

The last writing assignment I did was That Bucket List Though, which has a value of 2 stars. I created a bucket list of 6 things I want to do during my life and explain why they are on my bucket list. This one was fun because I have never created a bucket list before, and I really like the ones I thought of. Yes, some of them are basic, but I tried to think of ones I can actually accomplish and that interest me.

I also had to do 3 daily creates this week. The first one I did was posting a picture of the view outside my window. I chose to do 2 pictures I took a week apart, showing all of the snow, then it being sunny out. I also showed some of my plants I keep on my window sill. The next daily create I did was creating a droodle, which is a doodle, drawing and riddle all in one. I did not know what this was before, but after looking at other peoples I got the hang of it. I got quite a few responses from mine, some being very close to what I originally thought. But, it was fun having people guess it and also guessing other peoples. The last daily create I did was to post your favorite picture and pick a song that goes with the picture. I thought mine together went well. They both are similar with being relaxing and trippy to me.

I also commented and viewed multiple classmate’s Twitters and Blogs. I tweeted and replied to people’s daily creates, and also responded/followed people who tweeted at my daily creates. I viewed/commented on people’s blogs to see how theirs looked, to see what they were writing about and to learn more about them and why they chose specific assignments.

The last thing I did for this week was to watch some videos and read some articles about hyperlinks and digital storytelling. Then find a story that is important to me and view it with an analytical eye. I thought all of the articles/videos were really interesting. I also talked about how the story I chose related to those videos and what my thoughts were on the video I chose in detail.

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