I had a lot of fun with this week in Digital Storytelling. I did 4 daily creates this week, and posted a blog about them in detail. The first daily create I did was making an invitation poster to the TDC party. The next daily create I did was making an original affirmation poster, which I got the most responses on. The third daily create was creating a picture that was inspired by Keith Haring, which was probably my favorite daily create I did this week. Lastly, I made a creative caption for a picture.

I also did 3 assignment banks for this week. I made blog posts about each of them. The first one I did was the Creepy Anime Eyes and I chose 2 pictures of the Kardashian family to give big bug eyes to. This took some time because I could not find a good app to create the bug eyes, but I eventually found one and got the hang of it.

The next one I did was TV Show GIFS and I created 5 GIFS from my favorite television show, Love Island. I had a lot of fun with this one and I thought my GIFS were pretty funny. With that show, you could probably make hundreds of GIFS. The website GIPHY.com was a really easy, efficient way to create GIFS if you have never done so before.

Lastly, I did Google Draw Something and had Google guess 6 drawings I did with 20 seconds for each one. This one was interesting because I am not a good drawer at all, but Google still managed to guess them. The first 2 assignment banks I did relate to our theme because I chose a show and celebrities that are in pop culture and have similarities with each other.

I also customized my blog more. I was looking at other people’s blogs, and noticed I had the same theme as a lot of them, so I used a different theme I don’t think anyone else has used and I added a new font by adding a plug in called Use Any Font. It only allows me to use 1 font unless I pay for it, so I found a free font on Google and used that one. I also added a header image of plants because I love plants and I think it goes with the colors I chose (green and orange). I also made it to where I have a background color and colored text for my blog posts. I added a sidebar to show a search bar, my recent posts, and pages. Lastly, I tried thinking of more creative titles for my posts and blog site.

I also participated some in class by responding to other classmate’s tweets and responding to the people who tweeted at me. I followed everyone from the class who followed me, and also looked at other classmate’s blogs to see how they were doing. Someone even created a Discord for us to communicate, which I thought was a great idea! Overall, this week was a good week and I had a lot of fun with customizing my blog more and doing the assignments.

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