I did 2 mashup assignment banks. The first one I did was to mashup 3 holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas) into an image using Free Online Photoshop. This assignment had a value of 5 stars and I thought it turned out super well.

The next mashup assignment bank I did was to make a contradicting movie poster for an upcoming movie. This had a value of 3 stars. I made the upcoming Halloween Kills movie look like a children’s cute movie using Canva.

I also did 2 remixes. The first one I did was to take away all of the color except one in a photo and the remix was to add a mustache to it. I did Patrick Star with only his pink color, and a black mustache. This one was really fun to do!

I also did a story using 4 icons about the movie Bucket List. The remix was to add cancer awareness into the assignment. I chose the movie Bucket List because it was about 2 men who became best friends and had cancer. I really like the way my picture turned out.

I did 3 daily creates and did a blog post about them. I created a Miro-eske bird, I created a sports scene of someone lifting bow tie weights using bow ties and I …..

I did posts of the week, where I voted on my 3 favorite blog posts this week from my classmates. I chose the ones I thought were really descriptive, had a lot of detail, and looked like they put effort into their assignments. I commented on other classmate’s blogs and Twitters, while responding and liking tweets.

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