This week, I did another 10 stars of video assignment banks. I ended up doing 3 assignments. The first one I did was  Favorite Moments In College, which had a value of 2 stars. I put together some of my favorite moments and memories from being at UMW, which include being on the tennis team and making best friends. I used IMovie and added some background music and uploaded it to Youtube.

The next video assignment I did was Tell Your Character’s Story, which had a value of 3 stars. I told a short version of my story of my life. I used pictures of my life and uploaded them onto IMovie. I added a voiceover and some background music. Finally, I uploaded it to Youtube.

The last video assignment I did was What I Eat In A Day and it had a value of 5 stars. I recorded everything I ate one day this week and tried to make it pleasing to the ears with ASMR. I really liked this assignment and I thought it went well. I used IMovie to put all of the videos together and uploaded it onto Youtube.

I also did 3 daily creates this week. The first one I did was to make a drawing of a farm with farm animals, but only using your non dominant hand. Mine looked like a 5 year old drew it, but I used Colorscape to add colors to it and make it look a little better. The next one I did I had to show the view in my telescope. I used a cut out solo cup and showed my view of me doing homework. The last one I did was placing the Ever Given anywhere in the world. I put it blocking the Atlantic Ocean.

Finally, I did a blog post of my final project ideas part 2. I liked the same ones I originally put, but I looked at some other classmate’s posts and I found a couple more ideas that I liked. I also did the posts of the week form and commented/replied to classmate’s Twitter and liked tweets.

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