For this assignment, I did the 20 minute Photoblitz. I was assigned 7 tasks to take pictures of and I had to do it in 20 minutes. Here were my 7 tasks.

I completed my 7 tasks in 18 minutes. Here are the photos in order that I took, and I completed all of the tasks.

Overall, I thought this assignment was very interesting and fun. It was fun trying to be creative and think of what to take pictures of to complete these tasks in 20 minutes or less! It was nice that most of the photos I took and the tasks were pictures I could take in my room. I have a wooden head board, a window right above my bed, the poster and moon photo in my room (I have a photo wall), my roommate has 2 kitties and they were sleeping in my bed at the time, so I got 4 of their paws which was neat, a bathroom on the same floor, and a plant on my windowsill. I would love to do a photoblitz again because it was super fun!

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