For my final project, I chose to do Tik Tok hacks that I have never seen anywhere else. Tik Tok is a huge growing platform, especially for Gen Z and Millenials. My plan was to first research Tik Tok and see what hacks I wanted to try. I found 10 hacks that I decided to try to see if they worked. I recorded myself doing the hacks and edited them with Tik Tok. I edited them by cropping the clips and doing some transitions for the videos. I then used Canva to add some visual and design elements like the little stickers and text. Finally, I went into IMovie and added the music and voiceover. The media elements I used for this project are design, visual, audio and video. This process definitely took me longer than expected. With researching, recording and editing and also using different platforms like IMovie and Canva to add the visual, design and audio elements. Overall, it did turn out better than I expected. I thought I did very well and I think the Tik Toks are eye-catching and draw the audience in. I also did expect all of these hacks to work, but I will be applying them now to my life!

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